Track 10: Kua Lava – LogTronix by Nase Foai

KUA LAVA – A track inspired by the Tokelauan Tuku

Album: LogTronix Evolution
Music by Nase Foai | Vocals Tiale Kaio
Lyrics adapted from an Original Tuku by Risati Eteuati

Dancers: Zephan & Xavier Lafaele-Pita

A special thank you to ReeFocus behind the lens.

“KUA LAVA” Music Video Credits

Kua Lava bts LogTronix by Nase Foai

Kua Lava bts LogTronix by Nase Foai

Music by Nase Foai | Vocals Tiale Kaio

Lyrics adapted from Original Tuku written by Risati Eteuati
Genre: LogTronix
Record Label: Dynasty Productions
Production Crew:
Executive Producer: Liana Foai – Dynasty Productions
Director: Nase Foai – Dynasty Productions
Director of Photography & Co-Producer: ReeFocus
Edited by Nase & Liana Foai – Dynasty Productions
Filmed by: ReeFocus
Project Coordinator: Nadia Kaio – Dynasty Productions
Costume Design: Isa Lafaele & Liana Foai, sewn by Lydia Fletcher
Make Up: Nadia Kaio – Dynasty Productions
Dancers: Zephan Lafaele-Pita
Xavier Lafaele-Pita

Choreography: Edwin Pita

Dynasty Productions will be releasing the next LogTronix Track soon WITH a Video.

If you would like to be in the next video or know someone who would be interested to take part please send your dance audition video or area of expertise via private message to us on the LogTronix or Dynasty Productions Facebook Pages. ALL ages and dance styles welcome regardless of location.