Nase Foai / LogTronix Media

“We decided on “Sway” as it seemed to be a universal word that works across all dance styles so it seemed to fit. We asked the international poly dance community to help us by creating a dance to the track.”

Coconet – Sway – Nase Foai

“Many of you may have seen the epic Pati video that exploded on the scene in August. The video depicts a Battle between Hip Hop and Contemporary Polynesian Dancing with the sound of LogTronix, the fusion of the Polynesian Instrument Pate/Log Drum and Modern Electronic Sound. In its first month out it received over a million views, 12,000 shares and 30,000 positive comments.”

“With his upbringing on the log drums and the new sound, we wanted to show the Pate/Log Drum in context with the modern, electronic sounds and show that it could stand up with mainstream instruments, especially in dance music (which kind of made sense with him being half european, half polynesian). We decided to call it LogTronix, the fusion of the Pate/Log Drum and Modern Electronic sounds, something different and new.

“Nase’s first single off his Logtronix album. The video depicts ‘All Sides of a Lady in One Day’”

“The track Pati is a “fusion of the Polynesian instrument pate/log drum and modern electronic sound”.”