Sway – Nase Foai

Sway is finally here, as mentioned in Coconet tv   We decided on “Sway” as it seemed to be a universal word that works across all dance styles so it seemed to fit. We asked the international poly dance community to help us by creating a dance to the track.

The footage and response we got back was so amazing. So many dancers were willing to take the time to film themselves to help create this video. There were far too many clips to put all on the video although we did try.

We hope people feel good after listening to it and watching the amazing dancers in it. We were inspired by them as we put the video together. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to see Sway on YouTube.

Buy the SWAY Track –

We were fortunate to have some of the most amazing dancers who take pride in their culture and dance.

Below are the people we were fortunate to work with:

Dancer: Melanie Amen
Videographer: Dawin Mok (Dawin Mok Films)

Dancer/s: Naomi Fruean, Ura Tabu & Foai Girls
Videographer: ReeFocus

Dancer: Te Rina Kowhai
Videographer: Rewi Heke

Dancer: Cheyenne Solia / Maile Charfauros
Videographer: Michael Lagman Photography & Bryson Kim

Dancer: Onaku Ellis
Videographer: Rainui Teriirere

Dancer: Moemoana Schwenke

We look forward to sharing more LogTronix & Nase Foai Music Videos & music with you.